Registration with us is completely free. We prefer personal registration with us at the agency, by prior telephone agreement.

You can call +420 777 271 129 or you can arrange a registration date by email. When you register, we will take a picture of you, fill in a brief questionnaire and sign the protection of personal data. Especially for actors, a personal meeting is an advantage. We are happy to see the actor at least briefly. We also welcome registered actors from time to time to remind themselves and come to take pictures and update the data. Having old photos in the database is a bad business card for ours and theirs.

 For children under 3 years of age, personal registration is not necessary - children change very quickly at this age, just send photos of children with a completed questionnaire and signed privacy to We will include the children in our database and when the opportunity arises, we will invite you to the casting. In general, most offers are for children from 6 years. In order for children to be able to film, they need to have a work permit from the Labor Office.
It is not complicated, we will help you with the permit.

You can register for the casting here.


+420 777 217 129
+420 222 733 912

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